Get to Know Auto-Sizes by Celtra

Let's talk about the most time-consuming and daunting creative task: versioning.

Imagine launching a campaign that involves hundreds of messages personalised for different consumer groups across the purchase journey. Now imagine manually producing creatives on that scale for hundreds of sizes.

Are you suffering from these challenges in creative production?

  • Manual resizing thousands of creative assets for every marketing campaign
  • Delays in campaign launches
  • Poor campaign performance because of the lack of creative testing
Technology to generate advertising images and videos in minutes

Why Brands Love Auto-Sizes

Because of limited resources, scaling thousands of personalised campaign assets used to be a distant reality for most APAC brands - not anymore! Turn to Celtra's Auto-Sizes to:


  • Apply one design concept across multiple sizes for all platforms
  • Analyse all the formats and sizes that teams need to meet their needs across paid and owned media
  • Retain brand consistency and improve creative quality
Auto generate image and video sizes across sizes and channels

See Auto-Sizes in Action:

Lazada Success Story

3 times faster creative production speed

Production Speed

3 times faster creative production speed.
2 times creative asset volume

Creative Volume

Scaled creative volume by 2 times at 2,500 variants.
80% less manual creative production work

Less Manual Work

Produce only 10 scalable design templates suitable for 60 sizes.

“If we had to build 2,500 creatives manually, we'd need three times more production hours to complete the project. Celtra was the perfect solution to achieve scale and production efficiency while maintaining brand control.”

Carlos B.

Graphic Designer, Lazada PH

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